Pilot Experience Requirements

Check the Entry List page!
Please consult the entry list page to be sure you are listed. These are the pilots who have paid their deposits, submitted documents, etc.. If you are not listed, you are not registered! We now have 39 aircraft, so there is one spot available. First come, first served. Please email me as soon as possible and let me know if you hope to grab that last spot or if you are planning to withdraw.

To pilots who have not flown in a contest before (have a zero pilot ranking). Please remember to bring evidence of your experience according to these rules:

5.5 Pilot Qualifications and Entry Requirements
5.5.1 Experience requirements Each entrant shall meet one or more of the following experience requirements: Have a Pilot Ranking Score (Rule 5.3.1) greater than zero. Present evidence both of having completed a previous National soaring contest and of recent cross-country soaring
experience. † Present proof of having earned the FAI Silver Badge and the Gold Badge distance leg. † Provide evidence of a valid flight submitted to and accepted by the On-Line Contest (OLC), scored at a distance of
at least 300 km.

Social events
We hope everyone will plan to attend the dinners planned on June 12, 15, and 17. In my opinion, dining with the group is one of the best parts of a contest. Don’t miss out! If you have not completed our meals & merchandise survey, please email me to let me know the number of people attending so we can give an accurate head count to the caterer. See the calendar page of this site for more details about the menus and times.


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